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Meditate with Chantal

Meditation can be done anywhere, anytime. Come stand with me ...

Breathe in through the nose

Hold for a moment and exhale

Breathe in through the nose again

Hold for a moment and exhale

As you exhale you release your day, your thoughts, worry

If you are sitting – feel your feet on the floor, connecting you to the space you are in, providing a foundation of sorts

Feel yourself in the space you are in; feel yourself be, with you; feel bubbling emotion within

Feeling emotion is a gift – it connects you to all that is, ever was, and ever will be

Meditation is the gift you give yourself to revel in emotional feelings; your body resonates with this connection during meditation

Come and join us, meditate with Chantal

Breathe in and let your breath renew and rejuvenate

Breathe out and let your breath relax and release

Hello mindful seeker,

Come stand with me and be mindful, practice conscious breathing, and guided meditation. We have new opportunities beginning every month: breathwork, visualization, guided meditation, master intuition, and more. Most classes are available virtually via Zoom and cost $5. Click HERE for more information.

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