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Who can benefit from mindfulness meditation practices and techniques?


Everyone can benefit from mindfulness, meditation practices, and breathing techniques. With consistent practice, mindfulness meditation is evidence-based to offer significant mental and physical health benefits. These practices have been practiced worldwide for over centuries and are used by over 250 health facilities across the U.S. today.


What benefits might I see?​

The mindfulness practices we teach will help you deal with issues more calmly and effectively, reduce mild anxiety and depression, sleeping issues reside, mental clarity and focus increase, you learn to calm the brain's flight or fight mechanism, and brain chatter and distractions are reduced. There is so much benefit.

What is involved?

We offer both private coaching, group sessions, and public classes. The private sessions last approximately one hour and are held by appointment only, and you can book on this site. The group classes are held in community settings like the YMCA, Inspiring Actions, Cook & Henriksen Chiropractic, hospital, church, school, or community center. Look on the Classes page for one scheduled near you, or call to request one for your group at a location of your choosing.

How much does it cost?


Most private sessions are $60 per hour. The cost of group classes is up to the hosting individual or organization and can be as little as $5 per class to as much as $125 depending on how much time and how many sessions are involved. We occasionally offer a free 2-hour workshop so you can learn more about mindfulness and meditation. Check the Classes page and subscribe to the mailing list so you'll be the first to know what's available.

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