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Comments from participants who took the Mindfulness Meditation Series, A Mindful Way to Eating and/or the Vision Board Workshop:

I realized what time it was when I got in my car from my appointment so I kicked my seat back - dialed in on the phone and listen to your meditation in the rain, from my car … It was awesome! ~ Jo

Thank you so much for this beginning meditation class. I’m setting goals and working towards a more mindful life. You’ve been an amazing coach, I can see why you’ve made this your passion. 
~ Lisa

Chantal gave me many tools to help rewire my thinking and help interrupt my bad thought patterns.  She helped me think about why I was eating - for physical hunger or emotional eating. She also educated me about meditation and how it could be a tool to use in many different areas of my life. Chantal has been a fabulous guide in my mindfulness journey. Words can't express how useful the tools she has given me have been. ~ Shannon

Chantal is an amazing woman with real knowledge of mindfulness and compassion for humanity.  ~ Dan

I have learned to create time for me; space for me; and love for myself. Dealing with stress does not bother me anymore. I have learned to deal with life in the positive. I feel more alive at 50 than I did at 20! ~Rebecca

I have learned that I have a wise and gentle part of myself that is slowly revealing itself to the world. These mindfulness practices, including meditation, helped me to rediscover this part of myself. The vision board workshop (which is fun) helped me align the things I am good at and re-imagine a new career. ~ Alicia

I've begun to understand what "being in the moment" actually means.  It's not just a bumper sticker.  I've learned not to be so hard on myself. I am perfect, as I am, today, at this moment. Moments of judgment come with less frequency. ~ Shirley

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