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Bringing in kindness

The importance of showing kindness to ourselves and others is something we hear about often, and the act is deeply important. Here are some steps you can take to bring in more kindness:

1. Complete a small act of kindness for yourself. When you start with yourself, the acts move out to those around us.

  • Take time to greet yourself well in the morning: Hello beautiful, I wonder what fun will be had today!

  • Choosing a special outfit - don't save the best for weddings; make every day a special occasion and wear it well.

  • Take a moment to meditate, listen to music, or be with yourself. Finding time to be present will help calm your body and mind.

  • Eat a meal with color - notice how foods grown from the earth are colorful and processed goods are often bland (in color and taste).

2. Practice positivity with your words verbally or written. Be kind to yourself with your thoughts and what you say daily. Here are some fun affirmations:

  • I am reaching for the stars each day.

  • I am worthy, capable, and can do it all.

  • I feel confident when I make new choices.

  • I can make a real difference in my own life and for others.

  • I have the power to make the right choices for myself.

  • I am a magnet for good.

  • I accept others as they are. I accept myself as I am.

3. Take one step at a time! You are making new habits and learning new practices. When I feel overwhelmed or frustrated, one kind thing I do is remind myself that I am capable. I also cheer for myself by using kind words or acts. The beauty of showing yourself kindness is that you can tailor it to your needs. As long as you feel good about your actions, you are doing it right because your options and ideas about yourself matter most.

Mindfulness + Meditation Classes

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Love for All - a free meditation saturated in love

Ho'oponopono Meditation - a 4-week series to free yourself

Mindful Movement + Meditation - a 4-week series to bring you more mindfulness and meditation

Love, Kindness, Compassion - a free meditation seeped in love

Walking meditation - this is a virtual opportunity; come and visualize a walk deep in the woods

Photo by Clay Banks, Unsplash

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