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Self-care and fitness tips

With our busy lives, self-care can easily fall by the wayside. However, giving your mind and body the treatment it needs to flourish is more important than ever. Living your best life might feel impossible sometimes, but try to shift your perspective. Today, Mindful Way Coaching invites you to discover ways to do the most with what you have right now.

Get Moving

Regular exercise is a must:

A Healthy Diet

Focus on nutritional needs to support a healthy body:

  • Evaluate your diet to make sure you’re hitting nutritional goals.

  • Practicing mindful eating can reduce turning to food to soothe stress.

Nourish Your Mind

Boredom, stress, and uncertainty take a toll on mental health:

Look to Practicalities

Smart decisions will reduce stress and keep your goals on track:

  • Reevaluate your budget and emergency fund.

  • Stick with your regular chores to retain normalcy.

  • Take some time to declutter and clean to promote positivity.

We don’t have control of the world, but we control how we navigate it. Remember: the self-care routine you create does not have to mimic the routine from this time last year or set the standard for what you want in the future. Focus, instead, on what will serve you in this moment. Chart the path that works for you.

Mindful Way Coaching teaches you how to navigate your life easily and gracefully. Call Chantal at 651-230-0898 or email her at

Guest author: Cheryl Conklin; picture by Pexels

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