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Programmed, trained, taught, conditioned, persuaded

  • We are programmed to run from our shadows and escape from all that feels uncomfortable.

  • We are programmed to believe we are the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that we feel and experience.

  • We are programmed to search outside of ourselves to show us who we are.

  • We are programmed to be anything other than present.

When we flip the script and do the opposite of this programmed way of being, we stop trying to escape anything:

  • We stop identifying with any emotion, thought, or behavior.

  • We stop asking others to show us who we are.

  • We stop judging others and ourselves.

  • We start to become present.

Presence is the key to the universe. Presence is the key to you. When you find presence and can rest in this awareness, you understand what being safe means - you are safe, you feel safe, and this being safe is freedom. Nothing can harm you, including the uncomfortableness of Being on the human journey.

Being mindful and having a meditation practice can help you get comfortable with the uncomfortable. You learn to rest in this awareness of presence; you rest of the present moment of now. There is freedom, grace, ease, and peace in this space of awareness. Come sit with us and learn the benefits of being mindful and cultivating a meditation practice.

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