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Meditation for Mental Health

You can use many forms of meditation to positively impact mental health. You can use breathwork, mantras, guided meditation, transcendental meditation, affirmations, or power statements, and more.

Which meditation practices can help with mental health issues?

At Mindful Way Coaching, we offer breathwork techniques and guided meditations to relieve stress and anxiety. You learn ways to be present and calm during situations of chaos and challenge. You learn to be the observer or witness to these stressful, often challenging times. This behavior allows you to take control of the situation and react in a positive way rather than in a heated, combative way. Meditation is a formal practice of mindfulness.

We also use kindness and empathy, which helps you learn to differentiate emotions and deal with them in a more productive, positive way. You learn to be in sync with the world around you. You learn to put others first, in a healthy way. You learn that when you care about others, you really care about yourself.

By taking time for yourself each day, you develop positive coping skills. There are many studies today that indicate meditating actually changes your brain, and with it, the way your body responds to stress. Meditation can work wonders on depression, anxiety, and other stress disorders as you train yourself to relax under certain conditions. You learn to manage the stressful and challenging times, which puts you in control.

Learn ways you can be proactive with your mental health. Check out our upcoming classes and workshops HERE.

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