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January Self-Care

Hello mindful readers

I am devoting January as "Self-Care Month" where all the posts and videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, my blog, YouTube and Sound Cloud are filled with mindful inspiration to renew your sense of self. You will find meditations, breathwork, affirmations, and more to nurture your:

  • mental health

  • physical body

  • heart center

  • soul-self

  • sleep habits

  • minimizing life stuff

  • indulging in life stuff

  • resting in your own awareness

  • and on and on

We all learned a lot in 2020 about our habits, relationships, food choices, shopping, opinions, and more. This new year, 2021, is about forming plans to reset all that you learned in 2020. You now get to get clear on who you are and what you really want in your life.

Now is the time, and to help with your choices, I have developed several new offerings for you to check out.

  • Mindful membership

  • Private coaching

  • group coaching

  • virtual classes

Learn to live mindfully instead of mindlessly. Check your email for more opportunities to learn and grow.

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