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Choices for a new year, a new month and the benefits of 2020

Last year made me aware of how many choices I have. #1 - there is freedom in choice.

  • I love how deciding where I should eat tonight has turned into – what should we make together?

  • I like how not being able to shop with ease has me putting together new outfits from what I own already and digging into the closet for items I forgot about.

  • I like how the choice of going to the gym has gotten my husband and me outside, into nature, where the real benefits of health reside. We have gone on walks together more this year than the last 2 years.

  • I like how I am selective about the relationships I am keeping. The people that really truly matter to me – I have kept those connections open and we have met in new ways this year. I have consciously spent much time nurturing relationships with each of my grands.

  • I like how the closing of all my business partnerships had me choosing to work online. The work is as gratifying and connecting as it was in the studio - who knew! And those partnerships are moving onto Zoom and growing in other ways.

I am quite surprised about the events of 2020. But someday my grands will sit me down and say – What did 2020 mean for you Grammy? and I will say – it was all about choices. The freedom of choice. And that will be the Segway into a beautiful conversation of the benefits of 2020.

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