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Who am I?

Sometimes, we might feel unaccepted when we reveal our true selves to others. Why? Because often, we are not who they want us to be. When we know this or interpret this, we might go along with who they think we should be. We dismiss our true feelings, opinions, wants, and needs. Why? Because we want to fit in, avoid feeling rejected, and avoid negative emotions.

Holding back our true selves in an attempt to fit in is a common experience driven by the desire for social acceptance. Mindfulness can be a powerful tool in navigating these situations while boosting self-esteem.

Mindfulness encourages self-awareness. It invites us to recognize when we're suppressing our true selves and to reflect on why we're doing it. This self-awareness is crucial because it allows us to make conscious choices about when it's appropriate to conform to social norms and when it's essential to express our true selves. Understanding our motivations and fears allows us to find a balance that respects our individuality while maintaining healthy social connections.

Mindfulness fosters self-compassion. It helps us embrace our true selves with kindness and without judgment. We can gradually build self-esteem by acknowledging it's okay to be different and that our uniqueness is valuable. Moreover, as we become more accepting of ourselves, we naturally become more authentic in our interactions with others. This authenticity often leads to deeper and more meaningful connections, as people are drawn to those who are true to themselves.

In summary, mindfulness enables us to navigate the tension between fitting in and expressing our true selves with greater awareness and self-compassion. By understanding our motivations, making conscious choices, and embracing our true authenticity, we can cultivate self-esteem while maintaining our connections with others.

At Mindful Way Coaching, we offer opportunities in mindfulness and meditation. We offer many opportunities to practice self-awareness - check out the classes HERE. Every month, we offer opportunities to practice being more self-compassionate - check it out HERE. There really is something here for everyone.

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