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Tips for living your life with intention

Here are four great ideas to help you bring more intention to your life practices.

  1. Bring intention to your meditation practice. Before you begin your next meditation practice, try recalling a specific way that mindful awareness and your meditation practice have helped you. Maybe you were provided insights, softened a difficult challenge or emotion, helped to relax your body and mind, etc. Let go of the traps "I wish I would have," "I should have," "I could have," and instead allow your deepest, mindful intentions to guide your meditation practice.

  2. Reflect on what matters most to you. Mindfulness teacher Lila Kate Wheeler suggests that one way to investigate what really matters is to ask yourself if you only had one year to live, how would you want to live it, then a month, then a week, then a day, then a breath. It’s pretty powerful to consider, and if you are open to it, it can reveal your heart's longing. Consider taking your inquiry to a journal to help you more clearly identify your deepest intentions and values.

  3. As you transition from activity to activity, reflect on your intentions. Pause throughout your day and just observe. Take a breath. Feel your feet on the ground. Just be and remember your deepest intention: in that moment, conversation, or maybe for your own and others’ wellbeing. Allow your intentions to inspire and guide your daily activities.

  4. Mindfully work with your resolutions. Take a class at Mindful Way Coaching. There are opportunities for everyone, and our membership is designed for individuals and the family. Remember, you have to start somewhere so, go ahead, and start now.


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