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Mindful Membership

Have you ever struggled to meditate and ended up thinking, "Meditation just isn't for me." "I can't sit in silence, thinking of nothing and doing nothing." Don't be so quick to judge yourself! I am here to tell you that meditation is for everyone and can be done at any time, anywhere. What you need is a little direction, clarity, and a mindful membership plan!

Mindfulness + Meditation assist you:

  • Improve your wellbeing

  • Expand mental focus

  • Decrease stress and anxiety

  • Improve sleep quality

Listen anytime, with unlimited access to classes, meditations, and more. Audio categories include:

  • Breathwork

  • Mental Health

  • Physical Health

  • Sleep, Deep rest

  • Grief & Loss

  • Creativity, Positivity, Joy

  • For Adults, Teens + Children

  • Mindfulness, what is it and how to use

There is something here for everyone and it's affordable at $20 per month. You have access to all the amazing recordings plus free virtual classes. There are also opportunities for reduced fees on coaching and specialty classes. Come and see what everyone is getting excited about HERE.

Teaching you to live mindfully instead of mindlessly. ~ Chantal Doriott, MMT

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