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Are you afraid to meditate?

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Sometimes we might be scared by something we don't know about. So if that is your reason for not meditating, let me tell you a bit about meditation.

Meditation is the time you take for yourself to bring about peace, calm, and balance. It is a time you set aside to look past the illusion of the hustle and busy day. It's a time to connect with yourself, on an intimate innate level, and experience the stillness that exists in every moment.

By focusing on your breath you can lower your heart rate which brings about a sense of calm. By committing this small action, over time, you will lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and notice other health benefits. The biggest benefit I have found is it allows you to pause when met with a challenge. You react with more thought and less angst. The benefits of meditation have been studied over and over. They are measurable by scientific data.

Sometimes, in deep meditation, we may conjure up past events. This can be tough if you have experienced personal trauma such as physical abuse. It is during this time, that the meditation teacher, would advise you to come back to your breath. To allow you to notice, you are not your stories, thoughts, or even past events. Today is a new moment. You can learn to calm the mind by stopping, observing, and then letting the "challenge, story, or event" pass through you. Over and over again you do this - releasing your attachment to the trauma. Eventually, the trauma will release its hold on you.

Head on over to the Mindful Way Coaching YouTube channel where you can listen to different meditations, in the comfort of your own home. And if you have questions - please ask because the benefits of meditation are too good to pass up.

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