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Mid-Life Crisis or New Life Opportunity

We experience midlife crises for many different reasons. Sometimes, it’s a looming “big birthday” (hello, 50!), while other times, our midlife crises result from divorce, the loss of a child, or a financial disaster. Regardless of the reason, the outcome is often the same: depression, negativity, and feeling stuck in a bad situation.

Fortunately, there are ways to find positivity amid even the worst personal disaster. Today’s tips are meant for you if you’ve found yourself in an emotional state of distress as you enter your mature adult years.


Meditation benefits anyone experiencing isolation, anxiety, stress, and overall uncertainty about life. When you are in a meditative state, your mind and body are more connected. Strengthening this bond can help you find creative ways to dig yourself out of your proverbial rut. Mindful Way Coaching offers private meditative practice lessons for an investment of just $240.

Take charge of your career.

If part of your midlife crisis involves dissatisfaction with your current professional standing, now’s a great time to step away from the corporate world and launch your own business. One tip here: use an invoice generator to ensure that your invoicing remains consistent with your company brand, including having your pertinent colors, name, and logo. You can find an invoice maker online that allows you to fully customize your customer correspondence and get paid quicker since your customers will access your payment terms and options directly from your billing software.

Learn to love yourself.

If your midlife crisis resulted from a divorce or the dissolution of a long-term relationship, you might feel as though you are not worth love. But, when you learn to love yourself, you can be more open to relationship opportunities later down the road. The Your Tango blog explains that loving yourself helps you heal and be more comfortable on the days when you feel the most down and out.

Spend time alone.

Along the same lines as loving yourself, you must also learn to be comfortable in your own company. Spend some time with yourself, which means separating from people physically and via social media, emails, and text. When you get to know yourself a little bit better, you are a stronger individual that can get through any personal crisis you may experience.


Sometimes, seeking positivity means putting your strengths to good use. Consider spending some of your free time as a volunteer. The University of Maryland Medical System explains that volunteering comes with a host of benefits for you, including enhanced mental well-being and, importantly, forging a stronger social network.


If your midlife crisis is more about your professional life than your personal life, consider traveling. Bloomberg explains that companies now offer midlife crisis travel to help entrepreneurs find inspiration. While this can be a significant investment, re-centering yourself, your thoughts, and your professional goals can help you take control of your financial future, which may be enough to help you find stable ground amid the turmoil.

Suffering an emotional breakdown in your later years is nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, you can use your midlife crisis as an opportunity to rebound with a new life full of new goals and positivity. From starting your own business to volunteering and spending some time away from the everyday grind, the above tips can help you realign your goals and passions so that you can come out of this with your head held high and your future lit brightly.

For more information about mindfulness and meditation, contact Chantal Doriott, MMT, today at 651.230.0898.

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