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Life was meant to be easy

You were given all you needed when you came here: your body and your breath. Your body and breath are everything you need to live a life with grace, ease, and flow. Life was meant to be easy.

Let’s back up a bit. Here is what happens over time. But then traumas happen. We listen to everything and everyone else – often, these are unconscious behaviors. We are programmed from birth to not cry, to be brave, to be a little less than others, to follow the rules, to stay in line, to be quiet, to do for others, and on and on. You may even experience traumas from hearing your parents fight, getting lost in a store, watching someone else get hurt, having someone say something mean, experiencing abuse of some kind, and more. These are things that don’t feel good. They hurt. They feel heavy and sometimes icky, and so we bury them.

Over time, we bury these feelings, and then these hurts, and traumas live in the body. We bury the abuse, blame ourselves, the traumas become us, and they cultivate space in our cells, tissue, bones, and spaces. This is when disease, discomfort, inflammation, and illness can occur.

Our body is our closest ally; we are our own best friend. What if we start to come back to the body? What if we start listening to subtle messages that our body gives us? What would happen? How can we do this? What does this even mean?

Well, you would take responsibility for everything. You know your body is everything you need. You become the observer, and you learn too not to be afraid. You learn to read the messages your body and mind send you. You learn to trust yourself, which is how you were born. You learn not to be afraid of your emotions, you cry, you get braver, and you honor this vulnerable feeling self. As you do this, life will flow more easily and fairly than ever before.

So, you wonder – what can I do now? What if I believe life should be easy or, at least, easier? As I have learned, you can be more mindful, learn how to breathe, learn how to meditate and incorporate more mindfulness. These practices bring us back to our bodies. They bring us back to the beginning of life.

So, what will potentially happen if I believe my life should be easier, and I try these practices?

  • You start to pay more attention to yourself. And you begin to rely and believe in yourself more than ever.

  • You get clear on reading others - Do they want what is best for you?

  • You learn to manage challenges more effectively, which makes your life more balanced.

  • You notice a personal fulfillment when you are in charge of yourself. You stand taller and take command.

  • Stress will be reduced, which improves focus and increases emotional well-being. You generally feel better about yourself.

Join us in mindfulness and meditation every Tuesday morning or Wednesday and Sunday evenings. There is something special here for everyone.

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