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How to build an abundant life

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

You can have an abundance of tangible stuff. You can have an abundance of emotional stuff. All of this stuff is a result of your personal energy vibration. What does that mean, you might wonder?

When we think, there is an energy vibration being constructed. There is vibration in all things material and emotional. What you think and spend time with/on attracts like-minded energy vibrations. That is where the people, places, and things you have in your life are created by you. That is where, the way you feel inside, is created by you.

Start paying attention to your thoughts and subsequent actions because they do create vibration. This is where you want to spend time thinking about and making potential changes. Make sure what you do is creating the values you seek such as truth, honesty, dedication, and worth. Whatever the values you seek - make sure your actions represent the value. That will lend itself to creating a beautifully abundant vibration.

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