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Meditate in May

Hello Mindful Seeker

There are so many opportunities for you to learn or practice mindfulness meditation in May. You should know that meditation is not boring; it is not complicated, and it is not time-consuming. Come and experience the benefits for yourself. Below are some of our meditation events and a link to easily access all you need to know.

Morning Meditation: a beautiful way to begin your day, set an intention, fill your body with breath, and move out distractions and worry. Come and see why this class is held every month on Tuesdays at 9 AM. Learn more HERE

To Those Who Give and Nurture - not just a Mother's Day meditation. Learn more HERE

Guided Meditation - an in-person opportunity to learn more about various breathing and meditation techniques so you can build a self-care practice. Learn more HERE

Deep Night Sleep - learn the benefits of syncing the mind, body, and spirit for a night of deep sleep. Learn more HERE

Inner Peace Meditation - delve deep to experience calm. Learn more HERE

Vision Board Workshop - an in-person opportunity to turn your dreams into reality. Learn more HERE

Mindful Membership, where you receive terrific benefits for $20 each month. Learn more HERE

Dates to be decided for these mindful opportunities (sign up for instant notification):

  • Chakra alignment meditation

  • Heart for self and humanity

  • Breathe for life and vitality

  • Chants and affirmations

  • Ho'oponopono meditation

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