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  • I give myself permission to feel the way I feel.

  • I allow myself to be heard.

  • I am not responsible for the feelings of others.

  • The only person I need validation from is myself.

  • I am not a bad person for saying no.

  • My self-worth is not based on the opinions of others.

  • It is ok for me to put myself first.

  • I allow myself to face my uncomfortable feelings which makes me more self-compassionate.

  • My emotions are real and are self-created.

  • I am strong and resilient.

  • I refuse to feel guilty for taking time to focus on myself.

  • I am creating healthy boundaries to protect my peace.

  • I am gifted with a kind heart and a sensitive soul.

  • I deserve love, empathy, and kindness.

  • I allow myself to give.

  • I treat myself with kindness and understanding.

  • I forgive myself for not feeling well sometimes.

  • I allow myself to be nice and show self-compassion to myself.

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