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Let Go

What could you let go that might change your life?

Something that would turn everything upside down and inside out.

Something that would be kind of earth-shaking.

Something that scares you and needs to change.

Something that would drastically make things better or at least different.

Letting go does not mean you forget. It does not mean you don't care. It doesn't mean you won't remember, reminisce, or ponder. Quite the contrary. If you let go to make a change, it's because you do remember, care, and think about the very thing you want to let go. Because whatever it is, it needs to change and be released because it most likely isn't working.

Letting go of something that is not working is going to free your soul to move to another energy level.

It's going to open doors that lead you to new opportunities. It's going to lead you into new relationships. Every time you let go of something that isn't working and replace it with something that might work, you are subtly shifting your energy field in a positive way.

Here are some steps you can take to let go, to embrace a change, and make a difference for you, in your life.

  1. Make a list of things you would like to let go of. Things that are not working for you but you know they could if you made a shift.

  2. Make a list of things that are working well for you. Things in your life that are bringing you gratitude, happiness or joy.

  3. Pick one thing from your list of things that are not working.

  4. Journal. Write a list of what you don't like about this item, what is not working, and be specific. No detail should be left unwritten. Now write about what you want to replace this with. Examples: you are unhappy with your current job - write everything, in detail, about why this job is not working for you. If you need to work then you need to create your dream job. Write down the specific qualities you desire in your new job. Nothing should be left to consider. Write, write, write, and be detailed. Note that letting go might mean replacing something. Or letting go might just mean that - letting it go. If you are letting go of a relationship - do not think you need to replace this person. Because you don't. Let him/her go first and then let time show you how "the new" comes into being.

  5. Use meditation to relieve stress and calm your mind. There are resources available on this website. There could be some drama or pain associated with your letting it go. Embrace this and know this. Know that this too shall pass. The more you "feel" the uncomfortable, the easier it will be to let it go.

  6. Prior to your meditation set an intention. Take a deep breath in as you visualize your intention. As you exhale - leg it go - that which is not serving you at this time in life. Breathe in the new and exhale and let go of the old.

  7. Don't be hard on yourself because it is hard work to let go. We become attached to things throughout our life. It's not bad. Don't hold judgment. Practice being more mindful. Pay attention to the present and be more aware of the day to day things in your life. Just explore and try not to pass judgment. As you practice being mindful, these steps will become easier.

  8. Pay attention to what will assist in having your goal met. The goal is to let it go. Go through the steps, that you know need to be done, in order for "letting go" to happen.

  9. For every step you take in letting go you will become stronger. You will become more confident. You will be braver. You are brave! The more you let go the quicker your steps will take you to where you need to be.

  10. Leap and the net will appear. Let it go.

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