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Isolated with nothing but time

We are in the midst of a pandemic, and many are quarantined and feel isolated. Many of us are working from home and taking care of children, holding education classes, and taking care of other family members. So what could we or should we be doing with all of this newness?

Well, we could stop stressing about it and start enjoying it. Stay in bed a little longer. Go for walks with the kids in the afternoon. Learn meditation and practice mindfulness. Watch a movie in the afternoon and eat popcorn for lunch. All these little steps of enjoying the moment will equal paybacks to your mental and physical health. We are so used to multitasking that we have a hard time slowing down, but you can if you plan.

This time is new to all of us. So each day moving forward, make a conscious decision to enjoy the slowdown. Just by doing this, you practice mindfulness and benefit in big ways. You learn to live and enjoy today.

Check out new classes each month, and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. All of these offer opportunities for you to live mindfully instead of mindlessly.

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