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How to Re-Enter the World Post-Pandemic

We can all use a little confidence boost as we start re-entering the world after years of varying degrees of pandemic isolation. Whether it’s getting back into shape, launching a new career path, or pursuing personal interests, there’s no better time to get started.

Take Stock

Sit with yourself for a bit and think about how you’d ideally like your life to be moving forward. Do you want to socialize more? Travel? Grow your own veggies? Work more, or work less? Take stock of what’s important to you so you can formulate a real, tangible plan for achieving your goals. This approach will put you in the right mindsight, help you set attainable objectives, and chart a path for yourself. Don’t let the process overwhelm you - take small, easy steps if that’s what you need.

Eat Better

One of the simplest self-care goals is to eat better. While that doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite Sunday brunch item, it does mean cleaning out your pantry and refrigerator of pandemic comfort foods and slowly replacing unhealthy foods with improved choices. According to the USDA, stick to whole foods, grains, lean meat and dairy, and fresh produce and water. Eliminate excessive caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and fats. Start visiting farmer’s markets for fresh picks!

Move More

Get into a regular physical activity routine, and do it in the form of “habit stacking” if you need to. For example, schedule exercise next to something else you do regularly. Do you usually get up, have coffee, then take a shower? Slot 15 minutes of exercise between those two activities until it becomes a habit. Gradually expand the exercise timeframe, so it’s just another part of your everyday schedule. Get an accountability partner if you need someone to help you stay on track.

Learn Something New

According to Healthy Cells Magazine, our brains need ongoing stimulation, and learning new things can be enjoyable and help you flex your brain muscles. Take a cooking class, learn to sculpt, take up woodworking, or read the full works of Shakespeare. These activities can stimulate your mind, but it also opens the door to meeting new people and experiencing new places, sights, and scenery. If you’re not yet comfortable venturing out, look for ways to connect with others in a virtual environment.

Find Ways to Relax

“Relaxation” means different things to different people, so take opportunities to embrace your bliss. Whether it’s alone time reading a book, going to the spa for a day, or communing with nature, giving yourself time to reset and refocus makes you much more present and productive in other areas of your life.

Meditation can be an essential part of your wellness and relaxation routine. Classes from Mindful Way Coaching can teach you how to use breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, and visualization to navigate challenges in your life.

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