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Focus on being an observer

Hello Mindful Seeker

Welcome to October as we move towards the end of the year. The colors unfold with new intensity and dramatic flair,e signaling significant changes in weather are coming. As your body naturally syncs with nature, you might eat differently, sleep more, be more sensitive or emotional, and your DNA changes. The body prepares for shorter days, longer nights, and colder temperatures.

Be the observer of yourself

This can be a great time to focus on mindfulness. The goal of mindfulness is to be an observer of the present moment, without judgment and without trying to change or control anything. Being an observer of yourself requires that you be aware of very subtle emotions, impulses, feelings in your body, and behaviors. In this state of mind, you will have a different mental process.

How I practice being an observer:

  • I sit in nature and notice how the leaves rustling sound and how safe I feel in this moment; the wind moves my hair and touches my skin.

  • I breathe in the scent of pine and notice how scent can produce body sensations. I let the sensations be without overthinking; I rest in the moment.

  • I prepare a homemade soup and use all of my senses. As I sit before my bowl, I bow with appreciation, breathe in the scent, notice the colors, feel my mouth salivate, and then I taste.

  • I take a mindful meditation walk in nature. Feeling the heel, instep, ball and toes connect with the ground. Over and over, my feet move slowly with purpose, my muscles relax, and my mind clears. I observe the feelings of being mindful with great awareness. This feeling is so good it keeps me coming back for more.

My favorite way to be mindful is out in nature because all of my senses come alive, and that helps me observe myself with greater awareness. Cultivating the gift of my senses also heightens my intuition.


A poem I am drawn to

Throw the doors wide open and step into the enormous palace inside of you. Breathe. Breathe into every space. Feel every sensation.

The joyful warmth of shared love and the vast emptiness that sometimes echoes around our hearts. The excited clarity of inspired thought as well as that clustered maze inside our heads. That deep spread of satisfaction at the end of a good day and the tight knots that curl into the pit of our belly. Breathe and breathe again. It's your body. This is the field of your experience. This is your true home. This is where you belong. ~ Jane O'Shea


What I am practicing

Loving Awareness

  • Reflecting on our care for circles of people, animals, beings, etc.

  • Cultivating this felt sense of care in and around the heart.

  • Allowing this energy to expand in and around the body.

  • Receiving care from outside the body into the body and heart.

  • Resting in this loving awareness with eyes closed, eyes open, sitting down, walking, talking, etc.


October Mindfulness + Meditation classes

Join us as we sit, kneel, recline and meditate this month of October. All meditations are virtual.

Other ways to meditate with Chantal

"When I am present and aware in each moment, it is effortless to be happy and joyful." Thank you for reading this blog post. You are appreciated.

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