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Fantastic ways that you can do to give to yourself

Here is a list of ways that you can care for yourself; ways that you can show love, kindness caring to yourself.

  • Get a massage

  • Borrow or get a pet

  • Volunteer - there are many virtual opportunities

  • Declutter and clean your closets

  • Remove all dishes and clean cupboards

  • Weed through clothes - donate, keep and save for further consideration

  • Take a daily walk in nature

  • Sleep in a little

  • Go to bed early

  • Watch a new movie

  • Watch a Ted Talks video on a new subject

  • Eat a little less

  • Play music on your patio

  • Cook a new dish

  • YouTube is entertaining

  • Massage lotion into every inch of your skin

  • Give yourself a facial

  • Call people, you have not spoken to in a while

  • Plant a tree or flowers in your yard or pots for the patio

  • Learn a new game - Suduko, card games - Hearts, Solitaire

  • Write a letter to someone and mail it

  • Get out a coloring book or blank paper - paint, draw, create

  • Learn to meditate

  • Learn more about being mindful

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