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What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of becoming aware of what is going on - in - and around your body, mind and the environment around you. Rather than running back to a habitual pattern of avoiding or obsessing, mindfulness allow sou to simply be present and notice what is happening right now.

Here are a two ways to be more present:

  1. Go outside and sit. While in the space, close your eyes and just listen. For 2 to 5 minutes - just listen. Do you hear leaves rustling? Do you hear children playing? Do you hear birds chirping or other nature sounds? Just listen.

  2. Buy an essential oil spritz such as lavender or a mister. Lay on your bed or in a quiet space after you have your mister going or you just spritzed. For 2 to 5 minutes just smell. Use you nose and inhale deeply whiles exhaling through your mouth. Do you just smell the lavender oil? Are there other scents and can you identify them?

Really using your senses is a good way to begin the practice of mindfulness.

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