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Comparing Yourself to Others

We can talk about all the mindfulness techniques and practicing mindfulness but there is another topic that deserves equal ground - it's called mindlessness. This is the art and practice of not being mindful.

One of ways to practice mindlessness is by comparing yourself to other people. It's easy to do and it's part of being a human being. But make sure when you are comparing yourself to others - you are not judging yourself but that it's just basic curiosity.

It is human nature to measure ourselves up to others especially if the other person has a talent or gift we seek or greatly admire. But if we dwell on this "measuring up" and compare ourselves to others, we miss knowing and seeing our own special talents. Our mental vision gets cloudy and this is unfortunate because it's not a good use of our time (to unrelentingly compare). Instead, take note of what you notice and admire in another and really consider what this means to you. Is it a judgement or a curiosity? We can examine our own self and life to see if we truly acknowledge our own self (gifts and all). Sometimes it's easier to look outside of our self, instead of taking responsibility for our own progress, in relation to the fulfillment of our life purpose. Actually, it takes courage to look honestly at our true self to see whether we are measuring up to our own standards or meeting our full potential. Each of us has very special gifts, and we are here for very specific reasons. We each have a life purpose to fulfill and with this comes lessons we must learn. If we compare to learn it enhances this living experience. If we compare and judge it hinders our ability to be our best self.

If you fall into the "comparing yourself to others" trap, take notice and become mindful. Close your eyes and imagine you in this person's place. Do some vivid visualization and focus on what you want for yourself, what you want to be doing, what you want to be like, what you are good at and will get even better at doing/being. Putting your attention and focus (mindfulness) on yourself will lessen the focus you are putting on others. Realizing and valuing your own uniqueness enables you to bring out the best in yourself. It will enable you to get on with the job of living your best life rather than preoccupying yourself with comparison to others.

Next time your notice you are comparing yourself to another - be mindful, take note without judgement and relax. Make sure you are just being curious. Gently close your eyes (in that moment or later when time permits) and visualize YOU in all your glory - wowing the world with your unique and special talents and gifts.

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