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Beginner Mindfulness

It seems easy enough - a prescription for living a more mindful life; living a more mindful way. You simply close your eyes and return your attention to your breathe or whatever is going on. But you know, it is not that easy and it really is not that simple. If you have tried to be mindful; tried a mindful meditation, it can be hard. But the benefit ... oh it so worth your while to keep trying. Try these tips to master being and living a more mindful life.

  1. Make time every day for a little mindfulness. This is the most important beginner step. Making time. Making time for you. It doesn't matter if it's 4 minutes or 30 minutes. What truly matters is that you schedule time for mindfulness for you.

  2. Breathe in and breathe out, paying attention to your breathe. Really take notice of your breathe and how long you are breathing in and out. Deep breathe in and exhale just as deeply. As you take a nice deep breathe follow that all the way and as you exhale, follow the breathe out. This can take time and seconds lead to minutes. You are practicing mindfulness by paying attention to the now.

  3. As you become better with the awareness of your breath in and breathe out, start to think about and pay attention to your body. Feel how the breathe in fills and feels in your nostrils, back of the throat, lungs, stomach, etc. You will become one with your breathe and body as your awareness shifts and you continue to practice this way. Peace and harmony will fill your body and mind.

  4. When you are truly aware of your body, you will notice when there is tension or pain in your body, which is stress. This stress could have been accumulating for some time; and most likely has been. Therefore, it is very important to release the tension. This begins with the breathe - in and out - paying attention to the affects on your body.

  5. Don't beat yourself up when your mind wanders. Just gently and nonjudgementally bring your attention back to the present, back to the breathe. Like all good practices this will require time and attention. Schedule 4 minutes per day for you - to just breathe in and out.

  6. Let the process being and you will master being mindful.

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