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Your Power Comes From Within

We give ourselves personal power through moment to moment decisions; our behaviors and our thoughts. We create our reality through these thoughts, decisions and actions. You need to have faith and confidence in yourself to determine the paths and outcomes of your best life. Power comes from within and YOU are powerful. Here are some things for you to consider about your personal power and how to harness your best reality:

Know who you are. Don't define yourself by someone else's account of you. Really pay attention to the way you interact with others and how they respond. If this feels good (practicing mindfulness with get you in touch with these feelings) then that is who you are. Take time every day to look in the mirror and take an honest account of how you want to spend your day. At the end of the day, take a final mirror look and ask yourself if you were the best version of who you want to be.

Make a life plan and realize your dreams. This plan can and will change from time to time. But right now, you should have a goal, with a plan, you are reaching towards. If you don't - then start today. Make a list of the steps it will take for you to get to fulfilling your goal/life plan. Email me for the "one page action plan"

Live passionately and without too much reservation. Live like there is no tomorrow. Live today like it's the last day. Don't be reckless but have fun. Wake up curious and excited to start the day. Wake up and take time to meditate. Even four minutes will help get you centered and on track to making today, the best day. Ask for guidance in your daily actions - that today will bring you joy, learning and abundance of opportunity.

Don't be afraid of taking a risk. Every single time you step outside of your comfort zone, you notch up your vibrational level and make yourself available to more opportunities. This makes it possible for your dreams, goals and life plan to be realized. Believe in yourself and your abilities and know with your whole being that everything you need is right here, right now. "Jump and the net will appear."

Perform a little review of how you are living today. Be raw and honest with yourself. You need to be able to look all your "truths" in the eye. You also need to be able to distinguish the lies and what is shockingly not needed in your life. Sometimes this means you need to make and take some big steps. You need to make sometimes painful and brave decisions. Look your personal truth in the eye today and figure out how to make that your reality. This includes relationships, your career, your friendships, the time your spend with others - who are they? Remember, you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Think about that today. And if you need a little help - reach out to a therapist who can walk you through the steps.

Be confident and assertive. Even if you are scared and feeling a little unsure - be confident. When you need to stick up for yourself or you have something you think is valuable to add - be assertive. Confident and assertive people, consider other's feelings and best interests, while taking steps to reach their goal. If you are having a hard time with this, look in the mirror each morning and tell yourself - "I am confident, I am assertive". If you continue this self-talk you will see amazing results in the weeks ahead. Remember, you brain doesn't really distinguish here-and-now and what is "make-believe". So keep telling yourself over and over - I am confident, I am amazing and assertive. Even if you don't believe it - say it every morning, while looking at yourself in the mirror. This self-talk works, it's been scientifically proven, you CAN talk yourself into being the best version of yourself.

Your personal power comes from within. Own yourself and harness your personal power/energy. It's there, it's waiting and it's ready to be born.

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