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The Connections We Make

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

The relationships you forge with others, including yourself are crucial to all facets of your life. Every time you connect with another person, you let a part of them become a part of you. There is sharing between you and the other person. These connections can be your biggest learning and growing sources. Be mindful of the ways you connect with others and try the following:

  • Smile - this mindful movement takes a second to connect you with another. Smiling signals you are approachable and kind.

  • Eye contact - this mindful movement takes a second and means a lot. It tells the other person you are interested in the connection. Eye contact helps to cultivate trust and well meaning to connections.

  • Your name - this is a listening and remembering act. When you introduce yourself make sure you learn the other person's name and repeat it out loud at least once to them and then in your own mind several times. When someone hears another say their name - it adds trust and connection.

  • Listening - this mindful movement is a little more complicated because you not only have to listen, you have to remember some of what the other person is sharing. This will allow you to have a meaningful conversation which will deepen your connection.

  • Hand shake - this a mindful movement because the connection is first physical. You are crossing a boundary by touching another that can help to signify you are trustworthy. Shaking someone's hand paves the way for you to have a meaningful conversation.

All of these mindful movements hone the five senses. They help your authentic-self connect with another. They help make your connections to others really matter.

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