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Peace of Mind

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

That little voice in your head that is most prevalent during meditation. It’s the thoughts you should be letting go of but they seem really persistent. How can you deal with the mind chatter? Here are some responses from a recent class:

  • "I recognize what is going on and why – usually I am hungry or tired."

  • "I have come to know that these thoughts are often unfinished business, so I try to clear them up ASAP."

  • "I start an art project such as drawing, painting or writing. This helps calm my mind."

  • "I have learned to love myself. I visualize myself wrapping my long arms around my whole body. I just feel the love with each new breath."

Know that your mind will never stop the chatter and that's OK. You have been nurturing your mind to think for many years. With meditation you can deepen your sense of awareness, cultivate a little more happiness, reap some well-being and create peace of mind.

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