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November meditations for you

There are still opportunities for meditation this month. Meditate with Chantal on Thursday, November 17 - Whole Body Breathing | Mindful Way Coaching and November 20 - Gifts of Gratitude | Mindful Way Coaching. Both meditations are 7:30 p.m., and if you are a Mindful Way Member - they are free!

What is the Mindful Way Membership?

You have the power to transform your day-to-day life. We live in a fast-paced world with never-ending zoom calls and to-do lists, which leads to doing things mindlessly and constantly feeling rushed to check the next thing off our list. We can find ourselves stressed, anxious, and getting less and less sleep.

By practicing mindfulness and meditation, we can focus on things that matter to us and make life worth living. Because measuring life by your to-do list checkboxes isn’t truly living.

The cost is $20 each month. You can start your free 21-day trial HERE. Listen anytime, with unlimited access to classes, meditations, and more.

  • Improve your wellbeing

  • Expand mental focus

  • Decrease stress & anxiety

  • Improve sleep quality

Meditation and mindfulness categories include Breathwork, Mental Health, Physical Health, Sleep, Deep Rest, Grief & Loss, Creativity, Positivity, and Joy, For Adults, Teens & Children, and Mindfulness.

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