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Mindful Gratitude

Here is a fun mindful practice you can do yourself or with family members.

You will need a pen, paper, and a box or jar. Write down something you are thankful or grateful for on the paper and place it in the box/jar. Fill the container up with all the goodness you can muster. This can even be an ongoing practice, something you do each day, such as writing down something great that happened that day.

When the tides shift, and the waves are not rolling in your favor, because there will be challenges in your life, read those gratuitous, thankful notes and all the things you have been grateful for in recent times. In no time at all, you will remember that this is life. It comes and goes in waves. There will be good, grateful days, and other days you want to curl up with a good book.

As time goes on and you realize that life is up and down ... the downtimes actually feel like they become less and less because you are moving the flow of life mindfully with gratitude.

Check out new classes each month, and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. All of these offer opportunities for you to live mindfully instead of mindlessly.

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