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I recently took a class called 'Rethinking Sugar' by Dr. Andrea Grayson. Here are some of the notes I took, in no particular order:

  • sugar is a simple carbohydrate

  • sugar is pleasurable - it can expand my pleasure moments

  • sugar can broaden the ways I feel pleasure to increase the level of dopamine

  • 74% of food in the supermarket have added sugar

  • bad gut flora feeds on sugar and white flour

  • damage from sugar happens metabolically

  • sugar can't work off the calories - the damage goes beyond

  • oatmeal, event steel-cut, has a very high glycemic index and spokes blood sugar

  • dry wines have a lower glycemic index

Even other sugars have numerous issues as these are metabolically the same as white table sugar

  • raw sugar

  • stevia - doesn't affect the blood sugar, but the dopamine levels are so high

  • maple syrup

  • watermelon - eating this fruit is a good idea; however, sugar is highly concentrated in a juice or as watermelon sugar

  • nicotine - yes, there is sugar in nicotine

Here are some resources (watch/listen) to learn more:

  • Food Nation

  • Fast Food Nation

  • The Gut Project

  • The Gut Podcast on Audible

We have heard over time that sugar is not a food. So why does the FDA approve this toxic chemical?

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