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Meditation Myths

Here are a few myths surrounding meditation:

  1. Meditation is boring. On the contrary, it will open you up to a whole new level of vibration and energy. Being quiet will become easier with time and you will actually relish this newness. The real benefits of meditation happen in the other hours of the day when you’re going about daily life. When you emerge from a meditation session, you carry some of the stillness and silence for that moment, this allows you to be more creative, calm, creative, loving, and just ready to tackle the day in a good way.

  2. Meditation takes too much time. On the contrary. If you can put aside 4 minutes every single day to be still, close your eyes, be quiet, center your breath, and hold awareness as your mind wanders, you will reap benefits.

  3. Meditation is woo-woo, too spiritual, or too religious. On the contrary. Being able to calm yourself has nothing to do with religion or spiritual practice. And there is nothing woo-woo about it. People who consider themselves religious, spiritual, or agnostic practice mediation. You were born to be able to be still and not live in a state of panic, with steady commitments and hecticness. People meditate to experience inner quiet and reap numerous physical and mental health benefits that come along with consistent practice.

  4. Meditation sounds like it's too hard. On the contrary. Meditation is a practice like anything else you want to be incorporated into daily life - you practice. If you find brushing your teeth beneficial, you will take the time to brush your teeth and see a dentist regularly. If you find exercising beneficial, you will make the time to workout. If you find going to church on Sunday beneficial, you will schedule the time in your weekly calendar. Meditation is no different. It is a practice that you find beneficial and you will want to make the time because you will see amazing results in various aspects of your life.

So try the 4-minute meditation challenge and dispel any meditation myths you might have had. You can also try the meditation classes we offer. Remember, meditation benefits are numerous!

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