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Meditate with Chantal

Meditate with Chantal and say YES! to these mindfully inspired ways of being:

  • Join a virtual class - some are free or rarely cost more than $5 each. These virtual opportunities are live with a set date and time.

  • Meet me at the library or a community education class through the Hudson School District.

  • I teach at the Hudson, Hastings, and Woodbury YMCAs, Inspiring Actions Yoga, Abundant Yoga Community, and Healing Roots Wellness Center (River Falls).

  • Join the Mindful Way membership, which is the best deal ever. For $20 each month, you gain access to all the virtual classes and prerecorded meditations. There are 100+ meditations categorized by teens, children, mental health, physical health, sleep, healthcare workers, creativity, positivity, breathwork, deep sleep, and grief and loss.

  • A new virtual meditation circle is hosted each Sunday from 8:00 to 8:30 p.m.

  • I have group and private coaching opportunities where you can learn to cultivate your own meditation practice and bring more mindfulness into your daily living.

What do you get by saying YES?

  • You will cultivate the gift of your senses, which leads to developing your intuition.

  • You will work with your triggers, learn to stop resisting, and let life's bumps flow more easily.

  • You will meet chaos head-on and learn to respond rather than react with heat.

  • You will develop a beautiful connection to your true self through mindfulness meditation practices.

  • You meet situations with more compassion and kindness.

  • You practice gratitude more often, which is an abundance hub.

  • You will find yourself moving away from drama, chaos, and all those energy-draining behaviors while opting for peace, harmony, and bliss.

  • You learn practices and techniques that are scientifically shown to provide you with what I offer. All the meditations, recordings, coaching formats, and mindfulness are my own - I don't use other companies or people to guide you. You can trust me to use practices that I myself have used and seen results. This work is very personal to me, and you will feel that care when you work with me.

What have you got to lose? Nothing! Please text me at 651-230-0898 or complete the contact form HERE or email me at

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