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Hiting Pause

Isn't life amazing right now? Have you been challenged, wowed, blessed, and amazed in the last month? I have too, and frankly, that sometimes feels fabulous, and other times I don't want to get out of bed. So, what can we do during times of challenge, joy, and even chaos?

Practice mindfulness. I am serious; mindfulness has been a top theme for many this year, including me. Here are some things you can practice:

  • Cultivate the gift of your senses.

  • Be grateful throughout your day.

  • Treat others with kindness.

  • Breathe deeply, especially when you are outside.

  • Look the person in the eye who you are speaking with.

  • Be gracious when you can.

  • Stop when you need to.

  • Learn to be more present.

Hitting the pause button when needed is a mindfulness practice. Telling yourself and others that you need a break, need to rest, or need space is being good to yourself. Being good to yourself increases kindness and compassion. An increase in kindness in compassion will deepen your relationship with yourself and others. When you move out of doing and into being - you tap into your innate true self. You can't get more mindful than that!

Join us for a host of mindfulness HERE.

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