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Connect to the present moment

Mindfulness is the state of being grounded in the present moment, aware of your immediate thoughts, feelings, sensations, and emotional states, without judgment.

Even though we live in it, connecting to the present moment isn’t always easy. Our thoughts are so often rooted in the past, or concerned with the future, that we miss the moment we are in. When we engage in the present moment, we gain clarity and feel more connected to ourselves.

These tips can help you become more aware and move into the present moment.

  1. Meditate because meditation is the #1 way to connect to the present moment. Meditation is the practice of quieting your mind, connecting to your breath or other focus, and just being. Begin by finding a comfortable space and sitting. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Notice it moving in your nose and out your mouth. Notice when thoughts come and how easy it is to observe and let those thoughts dissipate. Breathe and be for 4 minutes each day to see the benefits.

  2. Connect with your body because this can help root you in the present moment. It's a grounding practice. As you connect and notice your body ask: What sensations do I feel? Where do I feel? Is it cold, heavy, warm, tingly, or wispy? When I feel, do words come to mind? Taking note of how your body feels and how it changes in the moment is very mindful.

  3. Take a sensory walk outdoors and connect with nature. Let your mind focus on all there is to see, hear, touch and smell outside. Notice how easy it might be to return to the present moment when your mind wanders. Feel your feet connect to the ground as you stand and walk. Rest your body against a strong tree. Bend down and smell fragrant blossoms. You remain rooted in the present moment by paying acute attention to your senses.

  4. Cuddle your pet because animals always live in the present moment. They are never thinking of the past or future! Sit with your furry friend and stroke the back, neck, and ears. Notice their breath slow as they relax against you. Feel the texture and softness of the fur, the beating of their heart, and the sighs or purrs. Bliss is not only for our pets!

  5. Get creative and make art or create something from scratch (baking, writing, painting, planting). Grab crayons, paint, brushes, clay, dough, paper, glue, ribbon - whatever catches your eyes and gets you interested and excited. Watch as you create something exciting and unique from nothing or very little. As you create, you are rooted in the moment; you are being present. Your heart beats slower, and your breath becomes more shallow. Your mind opens and expands as you create and move through the processes.

The present moment is always here; it is always now; it is the now moment. When you feel disconnected, stressed, worried or angry - begin one of these mindful, present moment practices. You will find yourself easing back into the flow of life with peace and confidence.

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