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Being in Mindful Awe

Something amazing happens every time you are in awe. Being in awe combines a sense of fear, excitement, respect, and wonder. Being in awe is a mindfulness act. Being in awe can bring meditation-like benefits.

Think about the last time you were in awe. Maybe it was on a roller coaster ride or a hike through a protected national forest. Maybe you earned and saved enough to buy your first home. Maybe you just witnessed the birth of your first child.

Being in awe sets your heart beating faster and raises levels of serotonin and decreases cortisol. Scientists believe being in awe might increase gray brain matter, which keeps brain disease at bay. Being in awe likens itself to meditation in that it feeds and fuels your physical and mental health in beneficial ways. You slow down to bring great awareness to something and your focus and attention on in the moment.

Being in awe is inspirational. It's a good feeling, and it adds value to your life. The next time you are interested in doing something - a class, meeting someone, attending a concert, reading a book - do it. Be inspired to do all the things that interest and excite you. Be in awe of your curiosity and watch as amazing things begin to unfold for you.

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