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Finding balance in September

Hello Mindful Seeker,

Thank you for connecting. I am excited to share with you as we enter a new month and season.

My focus this month

Balance - to ensure all the parts of your life are in sync, creating a natural rhythm or flow to everyday happenings.

The word balance is very personal to me. I have been spending a lot of time sitting with balance, letting it rise within me, settling in familiar and unfamiliar places, and exploding in various ways. The beautiful ways I incorporate balance into my life are giving me renewed energy, more time to observe and be curious, and a pure sense of renewal. I am honoring my body and these challenging times with more life balance.

  • Self-care: I know that it reverberates to those around me when I take care of myself. I have scheduled a facial, a special movement class, and a massage this month.

  • Connection: I know when I connect with those I love, this love reverberates out to others around me. I scheduled lunch with an old colleague and have two grandkid playdates arranged.

  • Gratitude: I have incorporated saying a simple prayer of thanks at mealtime. This practice makes me more aware, and I am also eating more mindfully.

  • Presence: I am learning to stop asking WHY? When I don't have to worry about when, why, and how, I live peacefully in the now moment. This gives presence a whole meaning for me.

How can you add more balance to your life?

What I am reading

This book was unexpected as it simply appeared on my "you might be interested" thrift-book list. I love this book - it's poetry that touches my heart whenever I pick it up and read a passage.

The Unwinding and Other Dreamings

"If I said that my love for you

was like the spaces between the notes of a wren's song,

would you understand?