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Just like me, where compassion and understanding begin

We are more alike and connected than we think. Using visualization and meditation we can bring compassion and understanding to those assumed differences.

Think of someone you know or even don't know (check out the picture above). Take a moment to consider how that person is just like you. For example, you may say to yourself, “This person enjoys meditation, just like me,” or, “This person is a good friend, just like me.” Coming into this frame of mindset helps us remember what we share together. This is where compassion and understanding begin.

Mindfulness Meditation

Think or say to yourself:

This person has a body, just like me.

This person has thoughts and feelings, just like me.

This person has at some point been sad, disappointed, or angry, and so have I.

This person has experienced physical or emotional pain, just like me.

This person wishes to be safe, healthy and loved, just like me.

This person deserves to be loved, just like I do.

This person deserves to be free from pain and angst, and so do I.

This person deserves the basics - a home, clean water, fresh food and clothing, as I do too.

I wish the best for this person, just as I wish the best for me.

This person is more like me, and I feel much more connected and appreciative. I understand that we have differences, but we are more alike.

Journal prompt:

In what ways does this affect your perceptions of or experience with this person? Did you ever consider your similarities, or do you more often focus on differences? What can you do differently today to be more connected and understanding of others?

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