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Use the Pause - anywhere, anytime

The Pause is a way to rest into yourself a little more. This mindfulness practice invites you to breathe more fully into the moment, allowing you to be.

Find your seat.

Close your eyes.

Breathe - follow your breath in and out.

Relax into this moment.

Now, breathe in, pause (hold your breath), and then exhale. This is called The Pause breath practice. Do this a few times to reset and balance your senses, mind, and body.

This special practice allows you to reset, bringing more awareness to yourself. You observe without holding onto attachment. There is a bit of curiosity, where judgment becomes nonexistent. Use this practice in times of anxiety, restlessness, panic, or just because you need a break. It's easy, and no special equipment is involved—just you and your breath. Use The Pause anywhere, anytime.

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