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Anticipation and Meditation

Now this is a great mindful practice - anticipation. When we wait for something to unfold, it can be miraculous. It doesn't matter if it's a phone call from a loved one, waiting to learn of a job raise, tasting a delectable dessert, or feeling the hug of your grandchild. The moment we begin to anticipate greatness, our feel-good endorphins get into alignment. When we receive whatever it was we anticipated, the endorphins begin to flood our sensory systems. The next time this "endorphin-flood" happens, pay attention to how you feel, taking note of all body sensations. Then use this "feeling knowledge" as part of your next meditation. Try this: Rest and become quiet, finding peace in your space. Now bring to mind a time you anticipated something wonderful. Next, relive that experience and start to bring into awareness those body feelings and sensations. Bask in the glory of these sensations for a few minutes before moving further into your meditation. As you breath in, deepen your sensation connection. As you exhale, release that which does not serve you. Your meditation will be enhanced as will your mental and physical health. Breathe.

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