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Self-care is going to become a new buzzword - just like mindfulness is a buzzword. Taking care of yourself in a loving, kind manner is what self-care means. You love yourself enough that you feed your body in a nutritious way, you feed your mind and brain kind words and knowledge, you feed your limbs and joints with movement and you take time to nurture great relationships. You also make sure the spaces you inhabit are clutter-free and well maintained. You seek a faith-based or spiritual connection that deepens your love for yourself and others. That is what self-care means. It's being kind and loving to yourself so you can be the best version of yourself.

These are the life-areas you need to bring self-care: (another journaling exercise)

Emotional Self-Care

Physical Self -Care

Financial Self-Care

Social Self-Care

Professional Self-Care

Spiritual Self-Care

Environmental Self-Care

Make this the year that you practice self-care and live your life in a mindful way.

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