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A Mindful Life through Visioning

Building a vision board can help keep you living a mindful live. It's a visual tool you can use to remind you of your aspirations.

There are lots of ways to build a vision board - here are some helpful tips:

  1. Find a board that is of a size you want to post somewhere you will see it. A bulletin board is a great idea because you can more easily change out the visuals.

  2. Find pictures in magazines or make your own drawings of things you want to see happen to you now.

  3. Find words that resonate deep and support the pictures and what you want to see happen to you now.

  4. Post the words and pictures on your board.

  5. Take a picture of your board and use it as cell phone wallpaper. You want to see your board every day if possible.

  6. Take a moment when you see your board to visualize and feel yourself having received the desired outcome. This is important - to see and feel in your mind's eye the realization you will have when you get your desired outcome.

  7. Mindful people know that what they want in life is coming to them. They use fun activities such as this to realize their dreams. They don't get caught up in mindless chatter and motion.

  8. Today - bulid a vision board and visualize and feel yourself receiving all the things you want. Now.

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