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Accepting a Compliment

Many of us find it quite difficult to accept a compliment. We nervously giggle or slightly brush off the words of praise. If you could feel or see the energy being emitted by the person giving you a compliment - you would gladly accept with awe and amazement. How can you get past that initial point of non-acceptance or uncertainty or inability to deal with attention? You can start by complimenting others! Every single day for the rest of this month, give someone a compliment. You might notice something abut their physical attributes or their clothes or the way they completed a job. Any words of praise are worthy of this practice. Little by little you will be opening a portal for compliments to come your way. You are also opening the gratitude portal for yourself. So, be prepared to graciously accept whatever words of praise another is giving to you. Little by little - by giving to others - you give to yourself and you will learn to be acceting of compiments that come your way.

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