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Getting Rid of Stuff

Minimizing is having a big moment. Just keeping the things you need, love, and use often is what this is all about. But is this practice good? Is it good for you to get rid of all the stuff that you don't love or you don't use often or you don't need right now? Check out 7 Elements to Decluttering to get you headed in the right direction.

7 Elements to Decluttering

  1. Know why you want to declutter: Make a list of reasons why you want to pursue this practice. Some reasons could be: you’ll have more time, less to clean, you will feel lighter, your energy will increase, other things in your life will shift in a positive manner, or maybe you will have more money. If you can pinpoint WHY - it will help with the GETTING RID OF.

  2. Know What You Want to Declutter. What do you want to declutter – bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, garage, laundry, basement or the whole house? Write down the room(s) you want to declutter and why. Put some feeling behind your writing. No judging. Be honest when you write why and what you want to declutter.

  3. Let’s Get Going: This is the fun part – really it is! List out the room that needs decluttering because you are going to declutter one room at a time. It really makes sense to do this one room at a time because you will be working in stages and with a theme. There is no right place to start: bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, kids play room, basement … you get to choose. Write down each room and a little something about the expected outcome. Bathroom: I want to eliminate extra toiletry products, I want to have the best and softest towels, I want to have cleaning products stored onsite, under the sink. Everything in the bathroom is something I need, is something I love and is something I will use at least once a month.

  4. You Can Do It! Do you need a little boost of Rah! Rah!? Use any method you need to keep motivated and on task. You can set up a blurb to pop up on your calendar each day. List your favorite affirmations and words of positive reinforcement. Writing in a positive manner actually helps shift your brain and releases endorphins, the "feel-goods" you need to keep motivated.

  5. Clean and Clear out everything. Do you love it? Keep it! Does it serve a purpose and get used at least one a month? Keep it! Is it broken or need to be repaired? Well, you either fix it or you toss it! If you do not love it and do no use it then you need to get rid of it. This is the time you decided what is needed and what is not needed. Be brave - this is a decluttering exercise!

  6. Get Others Interested and Excited. This is the time to be proud of your accomplishments. You are deep in the decluttering of your first room. I promise you, it will get easier with each room, positively! Now you can invite others to hear your story or become engaged in your decluttering project. Are you having a tough time deciphering between some of the “keep” items? If you have a trusted confidante – family member, friend, other person – someone you trust to make good decisions on your behalf, ask them to assist you. Tell them how you started this project and why. Tell them what rooms you are decluttering and why. Tell them the areas in which you are stuck. Take some time to really make sure that you want someone assisting you. Sometimes people won’t want to hurt your feelings so they will make their decisions based on that – feelings/emotions. You can’t base these decisions on feelings or emotions. Your decisions need to be based on “do you need it” “do you love it” will you use it”.

  7. Simplify Everywhere & Be Proud. What are some other areas in life that you can declutter and simplify? Here are some ideas:

  • Books – only read the books you really love to read. Are you into romance, mystery, travel? Only read the books that serve your interests at this time in life. Sell the ones that don't make sense keeping to a 1/2 price book dealer.

  • Experiences – what have you been longing to do for some time? Have you wanted to take dance lessons or a cooking class or learn something new on social media? Get busy and start surfing the internet. Make a list of all the things that inspire you and you want to say YES to. Get going and do a little homework.

  • Get busy and start writing down all the things you want to get done. If there are so many things – break it down into smaller bites and ask yourself what you would like to accomplish in one year.

Getting rid of stuff shifts space and people energy in a positive way. It opens new doors for new possibilities and opportunities to reach you.

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