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Make It Your Own

Everyone should have a place they can call their own. Everyone can benefit from having their own space. This space can be large or small but the important thing to remember - it's yours and only yours. Maybe it's a loft area, a window seat, a special space in the basement or maybe it's not in your home - it's the library, church or work conference room. It doesn't really matter where it is but it is important for you to consider this space - yours.

If you are unable to find space that is only yours in your home and need to find space in a public area - bring some things that make it feel special and yours. Let's say you find a reading area at the public library a couple times a week - what could you bring to make it yours? Bring a small pillow or a nice throw. You might have a special stone (rose quartz, amethyst) that you can bring to make it feel more special and more yours. Bring your notebook for journaling. You can use these ideas for any public space that you want to claim as yours, for the time being. Public or nature park - spread out a blanket and hook up your earphones for a mindful-lead meditation. It's also a beautiful place to journal.

The bottom line is that each person really needs to have their own space and it's important to make this space your own. Be creative and make your space your own.

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