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A Mindful Walk

Make your daily walk a mindful moment. Here are so many things to keep in mind and be aware. Being aware and paying attention are characterizations of being mindful. Here is a mindful walk:

  1. As you step outside to begin your walk - breathe deeply. Notice any aromas or smells. No judgement, just notice and continue breathing.

  2. As you walk take notice of the wind, if there is any, what direction is it moving and what is it doing to you. Is it pushing you slightly because it’s fast and firm? Is it gently blowing wisps of your hair? Is it gently caressing your cheeks or possibly drawing a tear? Feel the wind with no judgement. Just notice the breeze as you walk.

  3. Take notice of the sun and clouds. Do you feel the sun's warmth or a cloudy shade? What does that feel like? Does it conjure a memory or a feeling? Maybe you were walking in the rain or snow and if so, what was that like? What awareness did you notice?

  4. Sounds can be captivating; what do you hear? Are you walking in nature? Can you hear leaves rustle or fall? Birds tweet or crickets chirp? Are you walking where there is vehicle traffic. Is it loud and noisy with tires spinning and engines running? This may be a time it’s difficult to not be judgmental. It is important though, to just take notice, and breathe in your experience. You can think about it and judge it later, if you really feel the need, but not now; just bring awareness and notice the sounds around you.

  5. Feel the ground or pavement beneath your feet. Even if you have on shoes - feel the ground as you walk. Take note of the smooth surface, sand as it squishes through toes or uneven pavement. Take note of it all - feeling it with your feet.

Continue walking. Continue breathing in fresh air. Exhale and release anything that is not serving you at this time. Walk and feel the earth beneath your feet/shoes. Pat attention and bring awareness to your surroundings as noted above. This is a mindful walk. Walk in meaningful mindfulness.

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