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Mindful & Meaningful Relationships

Relationships can be one of the most rewarding parts of our life. They can also induce every sentiment in our emotional arsenal. Relationships take time, commitment, resilience, trust, sharing, respect, honesty, equality, fairness, affection, appreciation, etc. The list goes on and on and every word outlined here means something to a relationship.

Being mindful, about the relationships you consider meaningful, takes devotion and commitment. You need to nurture relations and make them a priority. If you give time and consideration to a relationship, you will know if this is something you want to continue contributing to, or need to let it go. One of the main reasons that a relationship is tough and trying, is because the proper mindful time you give is not enough, or it is enough and you can see it's not working so it's time to let go.

Be choosy and listen to your mindful intuition. If a relationship doesn't feel good, isn't fun or makes you feel bad; let it go. Think of the qualities you want in a person, and the relationship, ahead of time. Journal these and reread them as you get to know new people (or think about relationships you already have). As you write down the qualities of the perfect relationship, think about how you are going to be the perfect partner (this doesn't have to mean romantic partner). Put time and thought into all of your relationships. You have all the time you need to really get to know someone. Work on developing your own personal best qualities. Typically, we attract people who mirror us in some way. Make yourself attractive in this way to others. It is much more rewarding to have 2 wonderful, supportive, committed, value-driven relationships than 10 "I might be there if you need me; if I am not busy" relationships.

Connect, commit, repeat. Technology allows us to connect and stay connected and be committed much easier. You can easily check-in with a friend via text. You can email family members a bi-weekly or monthly update. You can gather with family or friends once a year, planning the date in advance, such as the 1st Sunday of December. There are so many ways to stay connected and nurture relationships so use those options that are available to you. Make it easy and make it fun.

The important reminder here is to connect in a committed way. Set your boundaries and set aside time; commit. Think about the qualities you value in a friendship and see how they match up with the components of the relationship that you truly want. Don't be afraid to let go when the relationship is not proving beneficial for you. The more you nurture healthy relationships, the more you will attract those types of people to you in your life. Be mindful for a meaningful relationship.

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