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Unlock the power of gratitude and intention setting

Updated: Apr 5

The Dance of Life

Take a moment to appreciate your breath. As you inhale bring awareness to the elixir of life moving through your nostrils and into your throat. Breathe in more deeply and feel your lungs expand, the rib cage accommodates, and your sides move in unison. Every inhale brings in newness and every exhale releases the old. Breathe in gratitude for this beautiful gift of life.

Mindful Journaling

This is a nice assignment to consider because it gives your day a little focus. Using a journal or paper write something you are grateful for. On the other side, write an intention - something you would like to see come to fruition.

Here is an idea of what I wrote: I am grateful for the weekend to take a little more time for myself. My intention is to meditate each day and to bring more awareness to how I am feeling. I further journaled: I become an astute observer as I notice how I am feeling and why this is so. There is a beautiful unfolding and connection to myself. I feel deeper. I care more about me.

I wrote a Mindfulness journal. If you would like a free PDF, please email me. It's a very nice way to begin this exercise, and it includes lots of guidance.

Whole Body Breathing

This exercise will help you become more familiar with your own breathing pattern. You will learn to expand your breath, which allows you to move into deeper breathing. This is a nice technique to help alleviate stress. It also brings calm and peace.

Ease yourself into a relaxed position. Bring awareness to your breath, filling your belly, noticing the breath move in and out. As you focus, you will notice your ribs and upper chest expand, and even your sides move with the breath. Feel your body respond to the inhale and release with an exhale. Rest your hands on your belly to really feel into this practice. Inhale and exhale. Breathing in and out, filling your body with the elixir of life, releasing all that is not needed. Add an affirmation of gratitude - as you inhale and exhale, say - "thank you" to yourself. Over and over - thank you, thank you.

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