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Spring Has Sprung

Spring is the time for renewal. It signals the beginning of nature's cycle. It's a time of shedding the heavy layers from winter and time for "less". There are many mindful ways you can create renewal:

  • Get outside and enjoy the warmer weather and green, nature visuals.

  • Put away your winter-wear and bring out lighter clothing. Make sure you have several outfits that you simply love.

  • Cut your hair - even just a trim will do. You might be ready to try a new hairdo or just clean things up a bit.

  • Put your socks away and wear sandals or go barefoot.

  • Hone your senses: Listen to the birds, smell the flowers, feel the grass on your toes, taste a refreshing drink and see life blossom everywhere.

Spring has sprung and it's a beautiful time to notice new and renewed life.

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